Welcome Professionals!

This page is designed to assist you by offering commonly asked questions and a link to a resource or two that may be helpful. In addition, it would be insightful for you to know the questions students and families have regarding transition planning by visiting  the sections  designed for students and families. There is also a plethora of information and resources in the resources section.


If you have other resources that you feel we should have posted please submit them via the link on the home page. 

Please click on the link's below to obtain the answers to the questions.

  • How can I align my student's transition IEP with their Student Success Plan, the CT CORE Transition Skills, and the CT Core Standards?

  • How do I find out about ongoing professional development and transition activities for my students?

    • Click on the Calendar button on the home page.​

    • Attend your local Regional Transition Network meeting.

    • Attend the Transition Community of Practice. This group meets 4 times a year. For the next meeting date check out the calendar button on the home page or contact us utilizing the form found on the Home page .

  • How do I get my student and family to be more involved in the transition planning process?

  • Where can I find age-appropriate transition assessments and how do I use them to align student needs to goals written?

  • What are some of the outside agencies that can support the transition planning process?

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