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What are my rights & responsibilities?

What is Self-Determination & Self-Advocacy?

Should I attend my PPT meeting?

  • For information about the Planning & Placement Team meeting check out Chapter 4 of the Stepping Forward Manual.

What skill areas should I work on while I am in high school?

Should I tell employers and/or college professors about my disability?

What do I need to know about health care?

Guiding the search for mental wellness
Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services
What is Health Care Transition?

What are my transportation options?

The Kennedy Center
DORS - Connect-Ability Transportation Info

How do I become financially independent?

Are there any specific transition resources if I am a student who is deaf or hard of hearing?

Are there specific resources to help me if I want to go to college?

How can I learn self-advocacy and leadership skills?


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